Day 42

Why day 42?

Well, I had to (re)start somewhere – it sure wasn’t day one. And because Douglas Adams.

Hit the gym today with some pals. Chest and shoulders today. Push+push, to keep it simple. Have to keep the body moving with all this sitting that I do.

There wasn’t anything crazy in today’s workout. Did all but one of the chest sets using dumbbells. Flat bench, decline bench, incline bench, and cable flys made for a solid set. I went for lighter weights and high reps (9-12) as going overboard two weeks ago was painful.

Shoulders (I don’t like shoulder day. Give me leg day over that anytime!) were isolation focused. A superset of cable side raises and bent over side rows, followed by shrugs and military presses. I skipped the militarys today… Sore neck that I didn’t want to aggravate.

It was good to hit the weights following the run I did yesterday. Keeping that balance feels healthy. Though I really need to be hitting the yoga again. That stuff is good for you, for real.