That Yoga Workout Kicked My Butt!

With the relocation halfway across the country, I didn’t get a chance to post recently. Also, I started working on my second degree, so that is taking up time.

Anyway, as some of you know, I have been learning yoga for about the past year. Well, I took a break in the summer, so more like for the past 9 months. Anyway, the practice has been pretty slow and steady, until recently.

Now, I know yoga is a lot about mind over body, but part of that is being aware of your physical limitations. Strength and flexibility, in many cases, are either one or the other. I’ve done leg strength training of different sorts for over a decade now. Road cycling, figure skating, ice dance, long distance running, and of course plenty of leg presses and squats at the gym.

So I tend to have more of the strength, and less of the flexibility. That makes doing some of the poses a little hard, to say the least.

But recently, I made the mind over body choice to attend the rigorous advanced yoga classes instead of hanging out at the basic classes. There is nothing at all wrong with basic classes. They get your foundation built, and I still go to one or two a week to work on the, well, basics.

This move to the advanced classes has resulted in a drastic improvement in my personal practice. Rather than being discouraged by inability to perform all the advanced poses, the act of working toward those has shown me I was holding back. My mind was telling my body I could not do things that I was at least partially capable of doing!

Last night, my yoga instructor decided to do something about the crazy amount of progress I have made. Since there were just two students in the advanced class, he gave me three new advanced pose sequences to tackle. I was pretty bad at all of them. And that is a good thing, because if I was good at them, then this would get boring.

Today, however, this means I am super sore. I know soreness sets in worse 48 hours later, so some of this is from Yin class on Monday, and I’m not happy about how tomorrow will feel. But I’ll hit up an advanced Vinyasa 2 class tomorrow evening to help finish flushing out the lactic acid build-up and loosen up these sore muscles.

Moral of this post? Recognize where you are holding yourself back, and don’t be afraid to try something a little out of your comfort zone. I hadn’t done a side crow until last night. Now I’ve done 3.